Watch the encounter with the

cannibal descendants from

the Booga Booga tribe in

Rabaraba, Papua New Guinea.

Watch the:

- healing stone

- the donkey which replaced

  an entire railway

- the medieval French canon

  which sank an allied !)

  vessel during World War II.


I am below sharing hidden and unknown spots from my travel as Captain and Chief Officer onboard various ships and yachts around the World. My motto is - "don't be a tourist". What I am going to show you are the hidden nooks and corners – the really interesting places for you to visit. None of this content is sponsored and if you like it - please share it:

#1 - Papua New Guinea (2019)         #5 - Dakar, Senegal (2019)  

#2 - The Arctic (2018)                        #6 - Gorée Island, Senegal (2020)

#3 - Indonesia (2018)                         #7 - Q & A's (2020)

#4 - Stockholm, Sweden (2019)        #8 - Lidingö, Sweden (2020)

Vlog #1 - Hidden secrets in Papua New Guinea

Vlog #2 - Hidden secrets in the Arctic

Vlog #3 - Hidden secrets in Indonesia

Vlog #4 - Hidden secrets in Stockholm, Sweden

Vlog #5 - Hidden secrets in Dakar, Senegal

Vlog #6 - Hidden secrets on Gorée Island, Senegal

Vlog #7 - Q & A's - This is how you get a job on a yacht

Vlog #8 - Hidden secrets on Lidingö, Sweden

Watch how to protect

yourself from evil spirits

amongst the taxis in Dakar .​

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Watch the search for

Humpback Whales in the


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Watch one of the most

​hidden secrets in Stockholm.​

Watch the encounter with 

the Komodo dragons in 


Watch the:

- Powerful stone which

  enabled the Vikings to

  discover the American


- Untouched wilderness

   just 20 min's  from the

  City of Stockholm