Niclas Klein, Landskrona. Works today as an entrepreneur and farmowner..

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Danny T Raucci, 64 years, from Gothenburg. He is an international businessman and works today with a European residential property project.

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Christoffer von Berens, 45 years, lives in Stockholm. He is a Sea Captain and worked 20 years in international shipping. Is today working as pilot within the Stockholm Maritime district. 

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Ulf Ström is a Sea Captain living in Stockholm  (ref  He has also many years experience as Managing Director for a number of international companies incl ACI Worldwide Nordic AB (Nasdaq  ACIW), a World leading provider of bank transaction systems. 


The objective of is to create a Swedish opinion for a Swedish exit from the European Union and for a Swedish referendum to take place in 2021. is an idealistic, non-profit and non-partisan organisation The membership is free of charge and open for anyone who supports the opinion for a Swedish EU exit. 

Nordic massdemonstration 24 October 2020

A Nordic massdemonstration will take place Saturday 24 October in order to consolidate the  opinion for a referendum and Swedish exit from the European Union. The massdemonstration is arranged in cooperation with the organisations Nej till EU in Sweden, Folkebevaegelsen mod EU in Denmark, Nei til EU in Norway and representatives  for the EU resistance movement in Finland.

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The EU membership we voted for in 1994 was something different then what we see today. We voted in favour of improved intereuropean trade and that all countries should contribute to a better Europe. That is not what EU has become.

The problems are gathering up

Sweden is and have through the years been a net contributor to the EU budget. EU now demands that Sweden should guarantee a loan and contribution of another 10-15 billion EUR. The contribution is part of the Next Generation EU fund, which to a large extent is planned to be distributed as contributions to private entities in primarily Italy, Spain and Greece in order to rescue a crashing EUR currency. A currency which Sweden has decided not to join. The demanded commitment represent a breathtaking sum and loan for a small country like Sweden which then has to be paid down by our kids and grandchildren in the decades to come. 

In parallell has the EU budget for the period 1021-2026 been increased. A budget which to a large extent (36 %) will be used for agricultural subsidies to the farmers in primarily the Mediterranean and East European countries. A check-up by the New York Times discovered recently a serious and growing corruption within the EU-contribution mechanism, something which now Sweden is promoting in its role as a net contributor to the EU budget.

Is it the responsibility of Sweden and Denmark to rescue a poorly functioning EURO currency?

The German economy seems to recover from the Corona crisis with an industry which has benefitted from national contribution schemes in the 1000 billion EUR range.

Since the mediterranean countries have been locked into the same currency, their industry has over the years been practically massacred by the German industry locomotive. Germany has prospered at the same time as the Mediterranean competitiveness, with their mismanaged economies already from their entry as EU members, have been eroded. Now they are even unable to devaluate themselves out of the upcoming situation. Their budget benefits have at the same time peaked. Something which to an extent has been financed by German and North European banks. Therefore, if the Mediterranean  economies crashes, so will the EURO, the banks and the German economy as a whole. With that in mind, it is not surprising to note that Germany together France, which also has a large export market in their Mediterranean neighbouring countries and also becomes a notable contributor, has pushed the formation of the Next Generation EU fund. But is it then the responsibility of the Nordic countries which are outside the EURO currency mechanism to rescue this system error?

We are of the opinion that this is not OK 

All in all is our opinion that the best for Sweden is to exit EU and join Norway, Switzerland, UK and Lichtenstein outside the union.

Let us together form our future in the manner we want and not in the way Brussels and its bureaucrats wishes.


Helena Backén lives in and works as an authorised Property broker in Borlänge, Sweden.