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"WORDWIDE ADVENTURES - FOR ANYONE" is a serie of videos to be published every Sunday 0800 hrs (GMT +1) as from 14 July 2024. My motto is "Dont be a tourist". The videos shows the hidden nooks and corners in various parts of the World - the really interesting places to visit - and how to come there.

My name is Ulf Strom and am a professional Sea Captain. I am in this channel sharing my experiences from expeditions and visits from the Antarctica and the Arctics to the Tropics over the years. And there are more to come in the next coming year. Some of the most exciting ones are to be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List (for a reason).

Starting 14 July 2024, I will every Sunday morning 08.00 hrs (GMT-1) publish a new video of those visits in my Youtube channel. Format is five to ten minutes. Idea is to share some tips what should not be missed if you go there yourself. And also how to come there, which by nature could be a challenge in some instances. Some videos have already been done or are right now on the ”cutting table”. Others are to be filmed and produced later in 2024/2025.

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21 Jul: SWEDEN - Gotland

28 Jul: NORWAY - Svalbard

  4 Aug: ITALY - Sicily

11 Aug: INDONESIA - Komodo Island

18 Aug: PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Highlands

25 Aug: ANTARCTICA - South Georgia/Pinguin Island

  1 Sep: USA - California/Coronation Island

  8 Sep: ARCTICS: Barents Sea/Killer Whale Diving Etc. etc.

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CONTACT: [email protected]

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Magic and mysteries in Senegal


2024-07-21 Gotland, Sweden




2024-07-28: Svalbard, Norway


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Expedition Robinson

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Autumn 2022

2024-08-04: Sicily, Italy

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