​​​​​​I am below sharing some hidden and often unknown spots from my recent travel as Captain onboard various ships and yachts around the World - from the Arctics to the Tropics.

My motto is - don't be a tourist! What I am going to show you are the hidden secrets, nooks and corners – the really interesting places to visit.

Vlog #1 - The Milne Province, Papua New Guinea

How I became honorary Chief and Warrior for the Booga Booga tribe, Papua New Guinea.

Vlog #2 - A hidden secret in the Arctics

The story behind a found piece of bone on Charles XII Island in the Arctics.

Vlog #3 - Hidden secrets in Indonesia

The encounter with the gigant dragons on Komodo Island, Indonesia.

Vlog #4 - Hidden secrets in Stockholm, Sweden

Discover one of the most hidden secrets in Stockholm.

Vlog #5 - Hidden secrets in Dakar, Senegal

This could possibly save your life when visiting Dakar.

Vlog #7 - Hidden secrets on Goree Island, Senegal

Discover the sacred stone which is healing hundreds of millions of people.

Vlog #7 - Questions & Answers

How to get a job on a yacht and what you can earn.

Vlog #8 - Hidden secrets on Lidingö, Sweden

A viking secret.

Vlog #9 - Hidden secrets in San Diego, USA

A champagne secret

Vlog #10 - Hidden secrets in Copenhagen

The amazing story behind the Danish history and about the Mermaid mutant twin sister.


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