Expeditions (2018-2023) - from the Tropics to the Antarctics

 July 2022: Expedition to Spitsbergen and Iceland

Dakar, Senegal

2019 - 2020: West African Expedition

Videos from M/S Africa Mercy on an expedition to Senegal at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

August 2023: Spitsbergen



2022-11-07: Immunity

2022-11-02: Surprise

Rabaraba, Papua New Guinea

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Video clips from the expedition vessel M/S Ulla Rinman during a three week archeological expedition to the Arctics and Spitsbergen Aug/Sep 2022. 11 scientists from the Kiel University in Germany were taken to various archeological spots on Spitsbergen in order research the whale hunting sites from the 1600-hundreds and onwards. An exiting expedition which revealed a number of new scientific findings.

2022-06-27: North Atlantic


Goree Island, Senegal

Aug-Sep 2022: Archeological expedition to the Arctics

Apr-Aug 2023: Expeditions to the Arctics

2022-10-09: TV highlights


2022-11-06: End of game

Participation in the Australian Kokoda Trial Expedition crossing Papua New Guinea from North to South during 8 days in Sept/Oct 2022. 11 Australians and myself  backed up by 28 carriers i.e. 40 persons in total, started out in Kokoda on the North Coast and took us through the djungle and over the mountains to Port Moresby on the South Coast. A dramatic expedition through the equatorial wildernes on one of the most challenging trekking trials in the World. Videos in Swedish only (translations under way).

2022-10-04: At final destination

    Apr-May 2022 Expedition Robinson (Malaysia)

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Expedition Robinson

Participation in ​​Expedition Robinson 2022. Recorded in Malaysia during April and May 2022. The episodes are broadcasted by TV4 during the Autumn 2022.

May-Jun 2022: Baltic Sea Expeditions

Video clips from the expedition vessel R142 on assignments in the archipelago of Stockholm and the Baltic Sea.

Bali to Sunda Island

Video clips from the expedition vessel M/S Togo on a repositioning voyage  from Spitsbergen and the pack ice to Iceland in July 2022. A video which show the life onboard, how it is to be a passenger onboard an expedition vessel, how the expeditions are carried out and how the challenges up in the Arctics are met.

2022-09-28: Out in the djungle

Aug - Nov 2021: Arctic Expeditions

Logbook and videos from M/S Togo on expeditions out on the Barents Sea, on Svalbard and the waters between Svalbard and the pack ice Autumn 2021. 

2018: Expedition to Indonesia and Sunda Islands

A video from S/Y Veritas during a delivery charter from Bali, Indonesia to the Sunda Island, in the South China Sea.

Sep-Oct 2022:  Expedition to Papua New Guinea

2019: Expedition to Papua New Guinea

A video from M/S Ruach in the Solomon Sea and the expedition to Papua New Guinea 2019, when I was appointed Chief and Warrior by the tribe in Rabaraba.

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2022-08-25: Amazing Svalbard

2022-08-12: Southern Spitsbergen