Ulf Strom is a professional actor (member of Spotlight Network and Stagepool Pro) with a humorous sense and extensive experience from taking direction. 

For the last three years, he has got some 100 roles, including 30 as an actor in various movies, TV-series and commercials. 

At the time of writing (Oct 2020) , he is acting as the journalist Leif Borgnäs in the Swedish Television serie "Agenterna" (The Secret Agents).

Ulf got the Gold Ingot award in the category "Best Male Extra 2019" at the Golden Ingot Gala in Stockholm 16 March 2019 (ref article). The award was nominated by the the largest TV and Movie production companies in Sweden with the motivation:

​"Ulf Ström emits pondus, strength and sharpness, but is nevertheless humble, warm and responsive in his occupation - a unique combination. He is extraordinary professional, adds life to the script and is way out enjoyable to work with". 


- The role as the journalist Leif Borgnäs in the Swedish Television serie "Agenterna" (2020)

- The role as daddy to the victim in the 6th episod of the TV serie "In the head of a perpetrator" produced by Nordic Film for TV3 and Viaplay (2020).

-  The role as the board member "Gunnar" in the TV serie "Revanche", produced for the Swedish Television (2019)

- The main role as Bank Manager in serie of humorous commercials for Lendify (ref Showreel). Sent in various Swedish TV channels 2018. The commercials were in addition downloaded more than 1 million times from Youtube during the first two weeks (2018)

- Scuba diving - Certified PADI advanced OW
- Sea experience - Commercial Sea Captain (BSc Nautical Science)
- Music instruments - An enthusiastic saxophone player
- He is also able to hit a golf ball - (..but is not as sure were it ends up)

Mother tongue - Swedish. Speak fluent English, some Norwegian and German.

Production                      Character                    Producer             


- The TV-serie: "In the         Daddy to the victim    Nordic TV Film

  head of a perpetrator"

- A TV commercial for          Seller of a motor         Helgesson Moll AB    Blocket                                    yacht

- Surveillance and                 Weapon dealer             Swedish Police

  capture operation

- Commercial for the            Managing Director      Slutet är nära
   Swedish Union

- Commercial for                   Annoying bus               Slutet är nära               Länsförsäkringar                passenger

- Sc-Fi pilot movie                Venture capitalist        Overcoat AB


- Top Dog - TV4/Cmore       Venture Capitalist       Filmlance 

- Blinded - TV4/Cmore         The banker "Victor"    FLX TV AB

- The TV- serie Revanche     The board member     Hobby Factory           Swedish Television             Gunnar


- 3 TV commercials                Acting saxophone        Hobby Factory

  for MOOVE                            player

- Commericial for                   Man with a hi-              Great Story

   MySafety                               jacked identity              Video

- Commerical for                    Business lawyer            Protect Skatt

   Protect Skatt

- TV5 Breaking News             Jury member                 TV5

- Commercial for                    Party guest on                Stylivery AB

  Stylivery AB                          the Move

- Thriller - Devil                    Detective                          Stockholms

  in the details                                                                   Filmskola

- The TV serie - The            Friend to the                     SF studios

   King of Djursholm           main role

- Etc.

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