Graduated Sea Captain (Nautical Science) from the Stockholm Maritime Academy in 1979. He has since then hold various deck officer positions on vessels up to 130.000 tdw in the Baltic, Atlantic and Latin American trades incl 19 Transatlantic crossings and 9 passages of the Panama Channel. Holding relevant STCW certificates, incl GOC, SSO, CCM, ECDIS, ARPA as well as advanced Polar Certificate STCW training. For the last four years, he has mainly served as Captain on Expedition vessels and Superyachts - from the Arctics to the Tropics. 

He has a solid experience from ice- and polar navigation above latitude 80 degrees North and serves at present as Captain on the expedition vessel m/s Togo in the Arctics (ref Log book):

 Solid ISPS and ISM skills incl. the production of Safety Management Procedures and Manuals for three shipping companies. 

Hands on and hard working team player. Solid management skills. A representative appearance and an entrepreneurial mindset. Ready to entertain when appropriate (being a semi-professional musician/saxophone player). Swedish nationality Fluent in English. Speak some German and Spanish.

RECENT ASSIGNMENTS (2018 to date):

Expedition vessel m/s Togo, The Arctics

Expedition vessel m/s M20, The Baltics

Hospital vessel m/s Africa Mercy, West Africa

Medic Supply vessel  M/S Ruach, Papua New Guinea


Superyacht m/y Stella Mar, St Martin, Caribbean


  • Scuba Diving (PADI Adv. O/W) incl deep- and nightdiving​
  • Saxophone player
  • Acting (movies and commercials)
  • Travelling all over the World incl climbing the Longyear Glacier, Spitzbergen, canoeing up the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea, have encountered Polar bears in the Arctic and lived with Piaori Indians in the Amazonas, been deep diving at the German Navy War Grave at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, etc.

I like to barbeque amongst friends ("If we are not 

supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?" - Homer Simpson).  Can also hit a golf ball (..but is not as sure of where it ends up). ​


  • Officer of the Watch     STCW II/1 unlimited
  • Chief Officer                 STCW II/2 unlimited
  • Master                          STCW II/2 & 3,5

CERTIFICATES & TRAINING:                                                                                             

                                                                           Valid through:

Advanced Firefighting  STCW A-VI / 3               2023-04-06

Advanced O/W PADI Diver OWSI                      2099-12-31

Advanced Polar Code IMO A-V/4-2 STCW        2023-10-19

​ARPA                                                                  2099-12-31

Basic Polar Code IMO A-V/4-1 STCW               2023-10-19
Basic Training STCW                                         2023-03-27
Bridge Resource Management                          2099-12-31
Crowd and Crisis Management STCW              2023-05-02

Designated Security Duties STCW A-VI/6-2      2024-03-20
ECDIS (Transas, Sperry & GlobalStar)              2099-12-31
ENG1 - Medical Certificate                                 2023-10-18

Engineer Officer Examination (MCA approved)  2099-12-31
GMDSS GOC STCW                                         2025-03-01

Medical First Aid STCW                                     2099-12-31

Security Awareness Training STCW A-VI/6-1    2024-03-20

Ship Mechanic Examination                               2099-12-31

Ship Security Officer STCW A-VI/5, 1- 4            2024-03-20
Survival craft & rescue boats STCW                  2023-03-29

USA B1&B2                                                       2020-05-25


Formal education: A Sea Captain Examination from the

  Maritime Academy of Stockholm
Polar training: Basic & Advanced Polar Certificate

   Training (IMO A-V/4-1 & 2 STCW) incl solid experience from

   navigating in Arctic waters North of 80 deg.
• Medical training: Medical First Aid STCW. He has also              carried
 out Medical Doctor Studies (Läkarlinjen/Medical

  Doctor Programme) at Karolinska Institutet /

  University Hospital, Stockholm, 1978-79)
• Familiarization: Many years experience from carrying out

  crew familiarization and safety training
Team player: Solid experience from working in knowledge- 

   based organizations and in tight teams
Diving/water sports: Experienced diver (PADI

  Advanced) and enthusiastic water-skier.
• Entertainer: Semiprofessional saxophone player

  (www.ulfstrom.se ).

Nautical Officer


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Email:   ulf.m.strom@gmail.com

Phone:  +46 733 24 82 90