TV-clips (only in Swedish)


  • Resor över hela världen inkl. klättring uppför Longyearglaciären, Spetsbergen, canoeting uppför Sepikfloden, Papua Nya Guinea, möten med isbjörnar i Arktis, leva med Piori-indianerna i Amazonas, etc.
  • Scuba Diving (PADI Adv. O/W) incl deep- and nightdiving
  • Segling
  • Spela saxofon
  • Skådespeleri (TV, film & reklam)
  • Jakt
  • Grilla med goda vänner - "If we are not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat" (Homer Simpson). 
  • Kan också slå till en golfboll - men är inte lika säker på var den hamnar.

​​​My documented "bio-age" went up with 16 (!) years and my weight down 8 kg from the time I flew down until I returned home.  What are we not doing for the sake of art =).


​Expedition Robinson (Survivor) 2022 was recorded in Malaysia during April - May 2022. The episodes were broadcasted by TV4 during the Autumn 2022.

On this page I am sharing what took place from the application, admission and preparations to what actually happened on the Langkawi Island. I am also taking the opportunity to share some tip for you who consider to apply yourself. Please enjoy!







2022-11-08: TV highlights​​

2022-11-06: End of game​​



 Application video:


 ​​Expedition Robinson (Malaysia) 2022



​VIDEOS (only in Swedish)



Preparations and tips:


NAME:                Ulf Ström
AGE:                    66 år
FROM:                 Stockholm
OCCUPATION:    Sea Captain
    Snorkel and cyklops


 The admission process:

TV highlights​​

    Prior to Robinson:                       After Robinson: